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The Coerver ELITE

Coerver ELITE Program 

*Please note the Coerver ELITE program is invite only.

The Coerver ELITE program is an invitation-only program for the top twelve players in each age group within the region.

The program is designed to give players the opportunity to train over a period of 26 to 28-week program (8 Weeks in the Summer / 20 Weeks in the Winter. First session 10 to 8 weeks, second session 10 to 8 weeks and third session 8 weeks) the same way elite soccer players train. It uses the Coerver Curriculum, a proven system, at a challenging and intense pace, with the benefit of having training with those who share the same skill level and goals.

The players will meet once a week for 1 or 1.5 hours as to not overwhelm players during a busy season, as each player will continue to train with their own club.

To become a part of the Coerver ELITE program, each player will be invited and evaluated. Our objective is to create groups of twelve players with similar skill levels, drive and passion. Once a class is full, or if a player is not at the required level, she or he will be placed on a waiting list. We are committed to creating the optimal environment for players to be challenged and pushed to become the best player they can be.

Our focus will be centered on the individual. Our coaches will strive to help each player maximize their strengths, as well as to identify areas of improvement.

This program offers a great opportunity for players to focus exclusively on developing their individual skills. During our session, players can become revitalized psychologically in a pressure free environment geared towards a culture of player development and ‘serious fun’.

All sessions will follow the Coerver Pyramid for Player Development, focusing on phase 2 and  3 of the player pathway .

The Coerver philosophy and methodology has been proven to help players to quickly gain confidence and progress through the interconnected levels of the game. The Coerver system has been implemented by many of the top clubs in the world such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, Ajax and  Bayer Munich. 


The Coerver Soccer School offers a market-leading player package that has been designed to maximize the Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social development potential of each player.

- Technical Coaching from Coerver® Staff Trainers
- Coerver® Coaching Training Uniform
- 26-28 weeks of training 
- 8 Weeks in the Summer / 20 Weeks in the Winter (first session 10 weeks, second session 10 weeks and third session 8 weeks)
- Each session is 1 hour or 1.5 hrs
- Prices variate for each session
- Advanced Coerver Curriculum (phase 2 and 3)
- Summer Camp Discounts (Ask Director )
- 10-14 players per group
- Private Discount (Ask Director )

*All Coerver Coaching programs are club neutral

Why Coerver ELITE

Why the Coerver ELITE

Coerver® Coaching is about developing soccer players with great skills. Coerver Indiana's Coerver ELITE does this patiently, systematically and in depth over the course of 26-28 weekly sessions in the Winter and Summer. Coerver ELITE players become different from others their age – most notably in the skill, poise and confidence with which they play. They learn to “use that difference to make a difference” whenever they play. Training is as challenging mentally as it is demanding physically. Programs follow detailed, written lesson plans. Sessions are designed to immerse the most talented players in high-level skills training. They are done in a “climate of fearlessness”, where mistakes are viewed as great learning opportunities.

All players invited will go through and evaluation process.  Players will be evaluated by senior Coerver coaches.

The Coerver ELITE program is a soccer training program designed for players who are high achievers, who enjoy challenge and competition, who love the game and put a high priority on soccer.

Typically these boys and girls will show determination – to get better, to learn all they can, to try things that are new and different. They will be persistent. They will have a competitive spirit, and perhaps a splash or two of guile. These are the players we identify for the ELITE program who want to take themselves to the next level.


Success cannot be achieved by players who are absent; in this program you can quickly fall enough behind to become a hindrance to the progress of your Coerver ELITE teammates. We know that even at the younger ages there are many things that call upon these players’ time. But in fairness to others, we ask that players who cannot commit to attend a minimum of 75% of the  instructional sessions leave those roster spots spot open for other athletes who can.

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